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Speed Queen Tr5000Wn | Speed Queen Washer And Dryer
Speed Queen Tr5000Wn | Speed Queen Washer And Dryer
Speed Queen Tr5000Wn | Speed Queen Washer And Dryer

Speed Queen TR5000WN | Speed Queen Washer And Dryer

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Speed Queen TR5000WN Washing Machine | Speed Queen Washer And Dryer

26 Inch 3.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with 8 Preset Cycles
This top load washer from Speed Queen features a system that not only delivers the best wash available, but also takes care of your clothes. Its durable stainless steel tub ensures that your clothing is handled gently while guaranteeing a long-lasting, dependable performance. The auto fill system provides an effective wash by making sure that every load uses enough water. The tub and agitator work together to create a gentle wash action that moves the maximum amount of water through the clothes. There are four preset cycles to choose from including Heavy Duty, Normal Eco, Perm Press and Delicate. The washer also comes equipped with an Extra Rinse option.

About Speed Queen
At Speed Queen, they've always felt their measure is equal parts quality, technological innovation and time-tested performance. Dating back to 1908, they have been continually focused on improving their manufacturing processes and coin operated laundry equipment.

Speed Queen TR5000WN Washing Machine Features

  • American Made!
  • Full Tub Wash & Rinse fills the entire tub with water to achieve maximum cleanliness.
  • Perfect Wash System provides a better clean that’s gentle on your clothes.
  • Solid Mount Suspension System features a full steel base with heavy-duty springs for best-in-class out-of-balance performance, less vibration and longer machine life.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Tub is gentler on your clothes and ensures long-lasting, dependable performance.